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The Bird Marketing has a reputation by some as the best SEO company around. We offer the most current and advanced SEO services available. Our SEO services are based on your company needs, and we work with you to accomplish your goals of expansion. At the end of this article, please make sure to take a look at our offer for your website analysis and strategy.

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SEO Statistics

  • 89% of consumers use search engines (like Google) for purchase decisions.
  • 85% of consumers search for local businesses online.
  • 70% of all searchers click organic results (not paid advertising).
  • 75% of searchers never continue past the first page of search results.
  • SEO leads have an average of a 14.6% close rate, while print ads and direct mail average a 1.7% close rate.

To put it simply, SEO services expose your company to thousands of people who are looking for your company. It pulls the attention away from your competitors and puts the spotlight on you. That’s why it’s important to use an SEO company.

Let’s use some real examples of how those statistics might work.

Let’s say you own a pet store in Austin, Texas. Almost 9 out of 10 people are using Google, Yahoo and Bing to make a decision on things to buy. So there’s a good chance that some of those people are looking for your services too. When you go through an SEO company you have an expert on your side who can capture this traffic for you.

About 8 – 9 out of 10 people are looking for local businesses online, which means that if someone wants to find a pet store, you better have an SEO company on your side. SEO Services aim to get you to the top of search engines so that when people look for your services or product it shows up first.

So 7 out of 10 searchers click on “organic results”. By organic we are simply saying that the results are not paid advertisements (SEO services are known by marketers to offer the highest return on investment, but a very powerful combination would be to add in Google advertising). So with 70% of all searchers clicking on organic results and SEO services getting you to the top of Google’s organic results, you get the idea that you’re likely to get more website traffic.

A little over 7 out of 10 searchers never continue past the first page of search results! If you’re on the second page of Google, you’re not going to get much traffic! Keep in mind that as an SEO company, we are targeting phrases that large quantities of people are searching. So if your company name is “Blue Zebra LLC” you will likely be at the top of Google for that search, but the problem is nobody is searching for that. That’s why it’s important that you use an SEO company who will get extensive research done before delivering exceptional SEO service.

SEO Company

The last statistic we have compares SEO leads to print ads and direct mail. With an SEO company you can get so much more return for your money. Print ads and direct mailings are also known as “invasive marketing”. That isn’t to say it doesn’t work by any means. It simply implies that your message gets sent out to your audience regardless of if your audience wants that message. SEO is known as “inbound marketing”. This means that it puts your message in front of people who are looking for your message.

In summary, The Bird Marketing is an SEO company among many other things. We specialize in SEO services that result in increased website traffic. We don’t stop at the goal of “increased website traffic”. Our SEO services aim to make a profit for our clients. This is why we’re so highly regarded as an SEO company. Now take a look at some of the SEO Services we offer.


SEO Services by the best SEO Company

  • Internal Website Linking Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO Strategies (call or email to find out more)
  • Competition Analysis
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing

There is a lot of care that goes into our SEO Services. So when looking for an SEO company, make sure to find out exactly what you’re getting.

One thing that separates our SEO company from our competitors is that we’re really quite open about what we’re doing for you. Most of the time you’ll find an SEO company who will be very secretive with their strategies, but we don’t subscribe to that philosophy. That isn’t to say we’ll give away all of our trade secrets. We just feel you should know what you’re paying for.

Don’t forget to take take advantage of our website analysis and strategy!



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