Schema Markup for Mobile Update

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Schema Markup for Mobile Update

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You may have heard a buzz or zing about this mobile update with Google. That’s right, if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re likely to be falling behind (in fact, you’re probably losing about 1/4th of your business or more).

schema markup for mobile updateLast night the Webmaster Central Blog posted “Better presentation of URLs in search results” where
they’ve recommended using Schema markup for your website name, as well as encouraging the use of breadcrumbs. The result would be what you see in the image to your left.


What the heck does that mean exactly??? To put it simply, you need to have some code on your website :) Here’s what you can do to get started:


Download the Header and Footer plugin for WordPress. It’s a really simple and safe way to add code to your site (of course if you’re a web developer reading this article, you probably fixed up your after reading the second paragraph).

add-schema-markupAfter you’ve installed the plugin, simply find the plugin in your “settings” tab. Then enter the following:

<head itemscope itemtype="">
    <title itemprop='name'>Your WebSite Name</title>
    <link rel="canonical" href="" itemprop="url">

Of course you’ll change the areas that I’ve marked in green. For my website it would say “The Bird Marketing” and “”


If you’d like to see how Google recommends doing it, you can read this article. It might not be as easy to follow for someone new to all this.

Let me know if you’ve found this at all useful, or if you have any other pointers :)

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